World Population Data Sheet





Tools Used





The World Population Data Sheet is the Population Reference Bureau’s flagship project and consists of a number of print and digital products surrounding the publication of new international demographic data.

I led the design for the print poster and conceptualized the design elements used throughout both the print and the web feature. I also assisted with UX design and testing, wireframing, and development of the web feature.

This was our first year using a digital-first approach for the WPDS – a monumental shift from previous years but one that yielded positive results. This approach meant the poster I designed was derivative of what my colleague had designed for the website.


We further deviated from years past by changing both the website content and the B side of the poster to feature qualitative information which relied more heavily on graphics and storytelling than other years which featured data visualizations. 

WPDS Website-01.png

I conceptualized the photography treatment for the World Population Data Sheet which was used in both the website and the poster.