No Longer Invisible Mini-Brochure

This 4"x4" mini-brochure was created for SERAC – a non-profit in Bangladesh – to shed light on the importance of collecting disaggregated data on youth. The brochures will be handed out to policymakers, practitioners, and government employees in Bangladesh who would use this data to create programs and provide services around youth sexual and reproductive health needs.

Role: Graphic design, data visualization


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation



Tools Used


I created a visual concept centered around the theme of moving from invisibility to visibility, or from darkness into light. I wove the theme throughout the brochure so that whether you looked at the Bengali or English side, the concept could transcend the language.

IMG_4125 copy 2.jpg
IMG_4120 copy 2.jpg
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IMG_4132 copy.jpg

The 7-paneled brochure was designed so that the reader could choose whether they wanted to read in English or Bengali by simply flipping it over.

Line angle-11.png