Youth Family Planning Scorecard

The Youth Family Planning Scorecard web feature was originally developed by PRB in 2018 to compliment the print PDF Scorecard that had been created the year prior. The website provides an extra level of interaction as it lets users interact with the countries and indicators from the Scorecard. 

In 2020, I worked with the original developers of the site to create an auto-generating PDF tool so that the Scorecard InDesign file would not need a strenuous yearly update. I also designed new UX features for the website to accommodate the tool and made additional design changes.

Role: UI design, UX design, development oversight


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation



Tools Used



For the client, the most important part of this project was to create automatically generated PDFs from the pre-existing print Scoorecard. Because of the way the PDFs are generated, this meant revising and splicing different parts of the existing Scorecard, re-designing the individual country Scorecards to be more engaging, creating custom images for each country Scorecard, and creating all pieces of the French Scorecard from scratch.

FP Scorecard Pages-04.png
Screencapture 3.gif
UX Design

The most important new feature that I needed to add to the website was the option for a user to choose which country Scorecards they wanted to download. In collaboration with the developer, we created an accordion-style dropdown that would accommodate the large amount of countries to choose from along with a few pre-selected groupings.


FP Scorecard Original Mac-01.png
FP Scorecard_New-02.png
Design Improvements

I knew that we would have the opportunity to make some small cosmetic and UX changes to the site during this revamp. I conducted user interviews to determine what changes needed to be made to improve the functionality of the website. Takeaways from these interviews resulted in design changes ranging from padding adjustments to button edits to text placement.