Passages Project Legacy Website

The five-year, USAID-funded Passages Project–which has been working to shift social norms around family planning and reproductive health–is coming to an end. To highlight their successes over the past half decade, they wanted to build a legacy website as a repository for their years of work and accomplishments.

Role: Art direction, UX design, UI design





Tools Used




Passages Wireframes-02.png
Passages Wireframes-03.png

While the site was originally conceptualized to be just one home page and one templated page, the site quickly expanded to accommodate client needs. I designed two options for the client–one, a scaled down site, the other a larger site with multiple templated and unique pages. Each option included a site map, wireframes, and an InVision prototype.


Before beginning full design of the site, I created three style tiles for the client as a first step towards sharing and agreeing on key design elements like paragraph styles, UI elements, and motifs.

Months previously, I had designed the icons featured on the style tile to represent each of the four Passages legacy areas. Using this styling as inspiration, I incorporated these motifs throughout the site.

Gear shift!

A USAID announcement that no more standalone websites would be funded meant we had to pause development of the site and change our plans.

Design Round 2

As always, being flexible is crucial for any project and it was certainly needed for this one! Still wanting to highlight the Passages Project legacy areas but limited to only their existing website, we changed our plans and instead decided to hire developers to work within the framework to build some custom page templates and re-design the Passages Project landing page.

Using my original wireframes paired with elements of the existing site, I crafted new wireframes for the RFP. This, along with preliminary work I had done in Wix, is currently fueling these page designs, over which I continue to act as art director and provide development oversight.